Survival Project




Volume 2



Articles & Reports

Aljazeera, “The Rohingya Crisis Explained in Maps.

Amnesty International: “Invisible Victims: Migrants on the Move in Mexico.”

BBC News, “Why is There War in Syria?

Koeppel, Dan, “The Holes Found in the U.S. Border Fence Technology.

The Nation, “Migrant Voices” Series.

Chick, Kristen, “Two Syrian Refugees: A 1,500-mile Journey of Hope and Hardship.”

ECPAT Factsheet: “Sex Trafficking of Children in Mexico

USA Today,The Wall: An In-Depth Examination.”                          

Migration Policy Institute, “Before the Boat: Understanding the Migrant Journey.



Urrea, Luis Alberto, The Devil’s Highway: A True Story.

Voice of Witness Oral History Book Series

Nowhere to Be Home: Narratives from the Survivors of Burma’s Military Regime

Out of Exile: Narratives from the Abducted and Displaced People of Sudan

Solito, Solita: Crossing  Borders with Youth Refugees from Central America

Secretaría de la Relaciones Exteriores: Guía del Migrante Mexicano



Frontex: European Border and Coast Guard Agency

U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement

UNHCR: Figures at a Glance.

UNHCR: Situations and Emergencies.             



Volume 1




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